Welcome to USMEDX, LLC

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn about our company. USMEDX is a healthcare management, billing, and consulting company who works with healthcare providers and facilities who want to maximize revenue streams and improve internal efficiency in their practices.

USMEDX was formed in 2008 to serve the medical community at large in a variety of ways. As the nature of healthcare is constantly changing, our vision for USMEDX is to be a resource unbound by service limitations. With that goal in mind, we choose to define ourselves as a healthcare management and consulting company, as well as a medical billing and clearinghouse service.

Our headquarters is located in Warner Robins, Georgia; however, we provide services to clients throughout the Middle Georgia area, as well as out-of-state clients. In an effort to provide not only an efficient, professional service to our clients, but also a current and invaluable resource for healthcare management knowledge, USMEDX is founded upon several core principals.


Because healthcare law and regulation is a dynamic force in our clients’ businesses, USMEDX has a commitment to educating ourselves in all areas of healthcare management. To that end, a large portion of our annual budget is dedicated to attending the leading national professional organization conferences, and participating in continuous education and training opportunities available to our team through an extensive network of professional affiliations. Such a commitment allows USMEDX to provide a very broad knowledge base for our clients regarding the latest trends in practice management, medical billing, and healthcare regulation changes.


As a paradigm of business, we at USMEDX believe the only way to ensure we have our clients’ trust and confidence is by operating a transparent company. While USMEDX is a for-profit venture, we place great value on our clients’ respect for our team members and the service that we provide. We treat each client with the same honesty and ethical professionalism that we would wish to receive. We honor our commitments and do not make false guarantees.


As a provider of specialized healthcare management services, USMEDX seeks to function as an extension of our clients’ practices. Recognizing the intense focus on healthcare compliance and security of protected health information, our team commits to a level of compliance and security that exceeds those regulations set forth by the OIG. By doing so, we hope to not only increase our clients’ confidence in the service we provide, but also assist our clients in meeting their compliance goals and requirements.